Flavors of the Village Program

Flavors of the Village Program

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- Reception and accommodation on bed and offer a welcome drink with a regional product.
- Free time to visit the village of S. Torcato and enjoyment of the saltwater pool housing.
- Dinner with typical regional products.

The price includes accommodation with breakfast and everything is described in the program. No trips.


Description of the accommodation:
Tourism accommodation S. Torcato Moradal is located in the municipality of potters, located between the hills and the Moradal Álveos, in a village called S. Torcato, is inserted in the greater area of Maritime Pine Europe.
Tourism accommodation S. Torcato Moradal offers a family atmosphere and can enjoy the salt water pool.
In addition to the contact with nature, enjoy the good food of the region, stressing the famous Maranho, Bucho and roast kid.
All rooms have private bathroom, central heating or air conditioning, TV, hair dryer, internet access.


To know the value of the program please contact us directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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